The history of Gloss-It begins with my father who collected all types of cars from exotics to classics when I was a child. At a very young age my dad put me to work maintaining his cars, which I took great pride in. My pride must have shown through in my work because the word spread quickly and before I knew it I had everyone in the neighborhood bringing me their cars to be detailed. At only 7 years old I was in business and as the neighborhood car detailer! By the time I was 15 years old I had a staff of three working for me. I continued detailing in college and turned my little neighborhood detailing business into a mobile detailing business. Before I knew it business started booming and I had 5 employees working for me.

After I graduated from college I went to work for a large corporation which unfortunately went out of business due to poor economic conditions within six months of starting work. I went back to what I knew and 1990 I started Granite Auto Grooming in Boston, Massachusetts. Detailing in Boston with the harsh weather conditions put the detailing products I was using to the test. I tried just about every cleaner, polish and wax on the market and quickly became frustrated the performance as well as the durability.


At this point I decided that if I couldn’t buy what I needed, it was time to blend my own chemicals with ease of use, performance and long lasting durability in mind. In 1995 I made the decision that Boston, with its harsh winters didn’t allow me to maximize the potential of Granite Auto Grooming so I moved the business to sunny Las Vegas, Nevada where year round business was more possible. The harsh cold, heavy snow and salted roads of Boston had been traded in for the extreme heat and harmful UV rays of Las Vegas. With this trade came a need to further the development of products that would work well and protect in any climate.

In 1996 I decided it was time to get serious and I hired a chemist to help me with the development and formulations of products I had already been working on since 1990. This was the beginning of the evolution of Gloss-It Car Care Products. Since then I have diligently worked with my chemist to develop, thoroughly test and perfect each Gloss-It product to make sure it not only meets, but exceeds all expectations. Once we have a final Gloss-It product formula it is then tested for a minimum of six months to determine true performance on daily drivers in multiple climates before the product achieves my stamp of approval and a Gloss-It label.



Today we offer a full line of Gloss-It Car Care Products ranging from cleaners, protectants and conditioners to polishes, waxes and sealants. We are a team of professional detailers and true car enthusiasts who are here to not only provide a superior line of car care products, we are here to educate through videos, articles, discussion forums, tech sessions and detail classes. If you are not able to find the educational detailing information you are looking for or if you need product assistance we are just a phone call or email away.

Once we launch a new product it is not put on the shelf for sale and forgotten, it becomes part of the Gloss-It Evolution In Car Care Product Family. All Gloss-It products and under continuous testing through our detail business formerly known as Granite Auto Grooming, now known as Gloss-It Detail Studio.