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Gloss Envy Detail Spray Plus | Limited Edition GR8

$29.99 | FREE

Gloss-It Gloss Envy Detail Spray is unlike any detail spray you have ever used. Thanks to advanced polymer technology Gloss- It Gloss Envy Detail Spray will safely and easily lift away dust, smudges and streaks while leaving behind an unbelievable depth in shine.

It is streak free, even in direct sunlight and will never build up or stain your paint or trim.

• Specially formulated for Annual Gold Rush Rally
• Gloss it official car care sponsor GR8
• Remove bugs and road grime quickly
• Cleans and protects in one step


We are honoring the Gold Rush Rally 8 this year by releasing a new version of our Gloss Envy Detail Spray Plus limited release. Team Gloss-It has been a proud participant every year for the Gold Rush so follow us on this journey starting May 13th 2016. We have a limited batch available so get stocked up and proudly display in your garage or man cave!

Check out Exotics On Cannery participant and fan of our world-famous detail spray from New Mexico.


1. Gloss-It Gloss Enhancing Detail Spray is recommended for use on clean finishes for gloss enhancement or for surfaces with light dust, smudges, finger prints and to clean up those last little drops, drips and runs after washing. If in doubt about if it is safe to quick detail or if you should wash your, always error on the side of caution and get out your car wash supplies and wash instead to reduce the risk of swirl and scratches.
2. To begin fold a Gloss-It Premium Double Plush or Ultra Plush Microfiber Towel into quarters then lightly mist the Gloss- It Gloss Enhancing Detail Spray onto panel or portion of a panel.
3. Lightly wipe in a back and forth motion then flip your microfiber towel to the dry side for the final wipe. As your towel becomes damp or dirty replace with a fresh microfiber.
4. Repeat the process until you have quick detailed every inch of your painted surfaces as well as glass, chrome and plastic.

NOTE: Gloss-It Gloss Enhancer Detail Spray works great on glass too to add a polymer sealant to help repel water as well as bugs and grime. Our Gloss-It Gloss Enhancer Detail Spray also works well on trim without the worry of staining.