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On this edition of the weekly buff we have a made beautiful again Ford Mach 1. This beauty has over 480Hp, and 420lb-ft torque making it amazing off the line. The owner of this vehicle is going to keep it for years to come so he chose to get Full front PPF to protect it against rock chips, sun damage, and road debris, along will Paint correction and Ceramic Coating to protect the rest of the vehicle and keep it looking pristine for years to come.

The crew began by bringing it in and cleaning off the wheels properly with our EVO Wheel Gel to remove all brake dust and grime that may be stuck on the wheels along with GLOSS IT APC to clean the tires off and the wheel wells. We then used our EVO Shampoo with our foam cannon to coat the vehicle before using a wash mitt, and a mild clay bar to remove all debris from the paint finish.

Once we finished prep Josh and Jr began the paint correction process which would end up being a three step process that was time consuming due to baked in water spots. They started with our EVO 800 Heavy Cut Polish, and a wool pad on our EVO 21 Dual Action Polisher.

Once they removed the heavy scratches and imperfections they moved on to other foam pads and our EVO 1500 and 3000 finishing polish to achieve the final result that left even our shop Foreman stunned. Once we finished correction completely we moved over to PPF installation with Maxwell who does an amazing job and is one of the best installers in the industry hands down. He pays attention to every detail of the install and rolls all the edges to leave a completely seamless install on the vehicle. On this specific vehicle he also did an amazing job cutting out the Vinyl stripes that were factory from Ford, but the owner wanted to leave in tact.

When the owner picked up the vehicle he brought the family along and they all couldn't believe that it was the same Mach 1 that they had dropped of earlier in the week to get worked on. The owner was more than happy with the outcome, and if you want to schedule your vehicle with us for PPF&Ceramic Coating go to GLOSSITDETAILSTUDIO.COM

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