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On this edition of the weekly buff we proudly display a beautiful 1988 Mercedez benz 560SL the owner purchased it about three years ago, and had been working on it slowly ever since to restore it to its original glory. He came to us wanting to know if we could help him with his paint of if he needed it repainted. We told him not only could we help him, but we could return it to showroom quality within a few days. He agreed and once the keys were in our hands we got started.

Josh and the crew began by prepping it obviously like we always say this is the most important part before polishing begins MAKE SURE TO REMOVE ALL RESIDUES, WAXES, and DEBRIS that may be on the vehicles finish. Once they foamed it and got everything ready Josh, and JR began the paint correction process using our EVO 21 Polisher with a foam pad, and our EVO 1500 Polish. This polish works extremely well on older paints that have plenty of clearcoat to work with. The paint was finished and looked even better than we thought it would turn out.

The crew began removing all polish residues with a water/alcohol solution, to prep the finish for ceramic coating application. The coatings we used were several different products ranging from our DIY Graphene Coating for the entire finish, our EVO Plastic Renew & Protect for all plastic bumper pieces, and of course of EVO Wheel & Caliper coating to provide a layer of protection to them, and making it easier to clean over time.

When the owner picked it up Mr. Steele was more than ecstatic with the outcome, and couldn't believe that we got all the water spots, and swirl marks out of the same original paint from 1988. He spoke about the love and time he had put in under the hood to get this beast running like it should, and the Paint was the final touch he needed to get this incredible vehicle ready for a drive. Thank you for watching our Youtube channel. Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe, for all future content. If you have any suggestions on videos for us to make, or cars you want to see featured let us know in the comments below. - GLOSS IT

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