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Would Paul Walker Approve of This GTR? Paint Correction / EVO 5H Ceramic

MGL Developer

The Back Story

On this edition of the weekly buff we have a beautiful 2010 Nissan GTR in what turned out to be an amazing red paint once we went over it and polished it to perfection. Jeff the owner of this amazing vehicle moved to the US from Guam four years ago, and this was his dream car ever since he was a child. After a few years of living here he was able to get this beautiful beast in his garage, and he decided that it was time to bring it in for paint correction and Ceramic Coating to protect it for years to come from here on out. 

The firs thing we did when Jeff dropped of the vehicle as always was to prep it from head to toe with our EVO Shampoo Cannon and our EVO Pro Shampoo to help remove all the brake dust, dirt, and grime that can be on the paint. We also used a green claybar to remove any abrasive debris that can be stuck on the paint. 

Once the GTR was clean and ready for correction Josh and JR began the process with our evo 800 Heavy cut polish and a soft blue pad to see if it would remove most of the harsh swirls present in the paint at the beginning. It was a good pad and product combination, and their second step was EVO 3000 cut finishing polish, and a soft orange pad to remove marring, and any residual marks leaving nothing but a perfect spotless finish. 

The final step was to protect the vehicle with an array of our Ceramic Coating products, from our EVO Glass Coating to protect the glass and make it much easier to clean, Plastic Renew & Protect to give all the black trim a deep dark shine that will last without ever whitening, and of course our EVO 7H Ceramic Coating providing 5 years of guaranteed protection for the owner of this beautiful GTR. Take a listen to what Jeff had to say when he picked up his baby, and make sure to drop a like, comment, and subscribe to our channel. Also let us know what other kinds of content you would like to see on the page.


EVO 21 Dual Action Polisher

EVO 15 Dual Action Polisher

EVO 800 Heavy Cutting Compound

EVO 2000 Moderate Cut Compound

EVO 3000 Ultra Finish Compound

Ceramic Coating
EVO PRO Graphene Ceramic Coating

EVO PRO Plastic Renew & Protect

EVO PRO Wheel & Caliper Coating 

EVO PRO Body Guard


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