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$150K 2022 Aston Martin Vantage Gets Custom PPF and Graphene Coating

MGL Developer

The Back Story

On this edition of the weekly buff we bring to you a brand new 2022 Aston Martin Vantage. This customer has been with us over a decade, and loves his Astons. He brought it to us because he had just gotten the vehicle and the paint came with not many, but a few imperfections from the dealership. Yes even at 150,000 dollars paint can be damaged straight from the dealership.

Our team got started by prepping the vehicle with our EVO Pro Shampoo deep cleaning the wheels, wheel wells, paint, and every single nook, and cranny that can be found. We also go over the entire vehicle with a claybar while it is soapy to remove any stuck on debris that could cause further problems while correcting or coating the paint later on.

Josh and Jr then began by correcting the imperfections in the paint with our EVO 21 Polisher, and our EVO 2000 Cut Polish it has been working wonders on most imperfections lately, and does extremely well at getting out swirl marks when used with a stiffer pad.

Once they finished correcting the paint it moved on over to our PPF expert Maxwell that not only makes sure that each install is perfect but also seamless so that to the naked eye there is no way of knowing there is PPF applied on top of the paint. Once everything was wrapped we moved on to our final step.

Coating the vehicle we used our EVO Pro Graphene Ceramic Coating on the entirety of the vehicle along with our EVO Vinyl & PPF Coating for all ppf portions of the vehicle. Our wheel and caliper coating as applied by hand to make cleaning and maintaining wheels easier than ever before, and last but not least our EVO Glass Coating was applied to ensure that water does not stick and hinder your vision any more than rain already does when driving.

Our customer loved the results, and was more than pleased to see that there were no visible PPF lines anywhere on the vehicle.

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