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Ferrari Dino 246GT In For Gloss It Magic

MGL Developer

The Back Story

The Ferrari Dino was one of if not the only Vehicle Ferrari produced in "high" volume for a foreign sports car. The Dino line was created to pay homage Enzo Ferraris son Alfredo Ferrari who was pushing for more V6 engines at the time. They put out 195bhp, and has a max speed of a little over 150MPH. For a vehicle that was built from 1970-1974 it still looks and sounds incredible. These 'Poor mans" Ferraris have slowly crept up in price over the years as not many have been kept in pristine condition.

The first thing we did was prep the vehicle with a deep wash, mild clay bar to remove all road debris that may be stuck to the paint, and a deep clean for the wheel yes even inside the barrel of the wheels. Once that was completed our shop foreman Josh and JR began a light polishing step to remove and light imperfections that the paint may have before we install custom PPF.

Our in house PPF expert Max decided it would be a more seamless install if we hand cut the design for the front bumper and fenders from a single piece of Suntek Film to ensure no lines are visible. We only had one shot at getting this right as the customer had a strict deadline for when he needed this and his four other vehicle done by, but the team got it done and the outcome looks beyond what even we expected.

Our final step was to protect the entire vehicle with our EVO PRO Body Guard. It is one of the best and easiest ceramic coatings we offer from simple application that only requires a clean 80/20 towel and the product. Yes its that simple. We guarantee this coating for a YEAR, but if you go watch some of SCOTTHD's videos on his channel this coating was the longest lasting and was still hydrophobic at a year and a half after application all while withstanding the Texas elements.

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