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Black 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating, and Paint Protection Film

Gloss IT Admin

The Back Story

Stephan was one of the first owners of a C8 Corvette here in Vegas. He initially purchased it in Tennessee, following the delivery of his new toy he gave a couple shops around town a call to get pricing on Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection Film, and some Light Paint Correction.

After Stephan came to visit us here at the Detail Studio, he went on to one of our competitors down the road. Walked around their shop, met their crew and ultimately decided on allowing us to do the full scope of work on his C8.

Stephan was very particular on how he wanted the work done and what the end result should look like. He plans on tracking his car and actually driving it rather than letting it sit in a warehouse somewhere to collect dust. We worked up a plan of action when he dropped it off, to include specifics on the PPF, which level of ceramic coating, and also the different add-on coatings as well, i.e Wheels off treatment, Leather & Vinyl, and also Glass Ceramic Coatings.

Paint Correction 

We essentially did a 3 Step Paint Correction: EVO 21 Dual Action Polisher with a Synthetic Wool Pad and EVO 800 Heavy Cut compound, followed up with a Yellow Moderate Cut Pad and EVO 2000 Moderate Cut compound, then topped off with a Black Finishing Pad and EVO 3000 Finishing compound on our EVO 12.5 Dual Action polisher. This process ensured we were able to remove nearly 100% of the imperfections!

Paint Protection Film

Once the Paint Correction process was completed, we then moved on to Paint Protection Film. Stephan plans on keeping this car for as long as possible, along with a ton of track days lined up, we wanted to ensure every impact area was covered. We did a Full Front PPF (Full Hood, Full Fenders, Full Bumper, Mirrors, and Headlights). The Bumper alone on these new C8's are 15 pieces of PPF that EACH need to be hand trimmed to give it a perfect looking finish. We also did the A Pillars, the Roof impact area, and a custom cut Rear Splash.

Ceramic Coating

Once the Paint Protection Film was completed, we then moved on to Ceramic Coating. Stephan wanted nothing less than the best for his baby. We decided on going with our EVO PRO 10H Ceramic Coating which is accompanied by an 8 year warranty. The 10H is our most durable and longest lasting coating we offer. Not only that it uses some of the highest quality solvents and solids on the market giving it unparalleled gloss and clarity. We also decided on doing a complete Wheels off treatment which includes us polishing up the barrels of the wheels and applying two coats of our Wheel and Caliper coating to the entire wheel along with the calipers. Stephan requested that we coat all the Glass with our Glass Ceramic Coating.

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