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2021 Splendor SunStar Boat Full Paint Correction and Marine Ceramic Coating!!!

Gloss IT Admin

The Back Story


Mike the owner of this brand new Splendor SunStar wanted to protect his new investment as soon as possible. After doing some work on his truck he already knew that we were the place he wanted us to do the work on his boat.

Not only did he want to Ceramic Coat the exterior, he also wanted us to Ceramic Coat the Leather on the interior.

We decided on going with our EVO PRO Marine Ceramic Coating which is accompanied by a 4 year warranty in fresh water applications, along with our EVO Plastic Renew and Protect, and finally topped the interior off with our EVO Leather and Vinyl with EVO Textile Guard on the carpets to protect that amazingly white and vibrant interior.

Paint Correction 

Even though it was brand new we still needed to remove the sanding marks and high speed polisher marks left behind from the builder, we did a full 2 step paint correction with our EVO 21's and Heavy Cut 800 followed up with a Cut Finish 2000 polish. This yielded a near perfect finish.

Ceramic Coating

Once the paint correction was completed we moved on to Ceramic Coating, not only did he choose to go with one of our PRO series coatings, he also chose, in my opinion, the best coating for his needs. The EVO PRO Marine which is our best coating offered for Marine application and provides supreme gloss and depth when it comes to metallic paints, this is in part due to the fact that it has a proprietary glossing agent that truly makes the Metallic flake pop like no other. We also ceramic coated all the Plastic trim with our EVO Plastic Renew and Protect, all the glass with our EVO Window and Glass, and the interior leather with our EVO Leather & Vinyl ceramic.

Dual Action Polishers

EVO 21 Dual Action Polisher

EVO 12.5 Dual Action Polisher


EVO 800 Heavy Cut Compound

EVO 3000 Ultra Finish Compound

Ceramic Coating

EVO PRO Marine Ceramic Coating


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