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Would Lewis Hamilton Approve of This P1?

MGL Developer

The Back Story

On this edition of the weekly buff we have, yet another collaboration with our friends from California SSCustoms. We brought down Alfonso one of their head PPF installer to assist on the project. The same owner that brought us the LaFerrari to get full PPF decided he was going to drive his P1 more often as it only has 14 miles on the odometer.

We started by prepping and washing the vehicle with our EVO Pro Shampoo, and using a milf clay bar to remove and abrasive debris that may be present on the paint and carbon fiber. We also had to remove some PPF that was installed by McLaren, but didn’t cover many areas that would get rock chips when driving. We had Josh and JR polish the entire vehicle with our EVO 21 polishers, and 3000 Cut finishing polish to remove all scratches and leave the paint looking better than new.

Once we were done with that Alfonso started to apply PPF and decided it would be best to bolt cut most of the pieces which means that he used hand cut pieces instead. In about a day and a half he got most of the front end done with the hood, fenders, and lip of the carbon fiber bumper. He also got the entire back end along with those fenders, and parts of the doors done. This allowed Max our in house installer to finish up other projects, then move on to finish the final pieces of PPF on the P1. He finished the inside of the doors, the roof, the small carbon fiber pieces, the back end carbon fiber, along with the rest of the doors that needed to be finished.

Once all the PPF was finished Josh and JR finished it off by applying our PPF&Vinyl Ceramic Coating to the entire vehicle as it is completely wrapped in PPF. This coating will protect the glue from oxidizing and turning yellow overtime, it will also protect against minor scratches, and damage to the PPF. We also applied our Wheel & Caliper Coating to make it easier to clean the wheels over time since the owner said he wants to drive it often now.

The owner was blown away yet again at the outcome of how seamless the PPF looked on the vehicle we cant wait to work on other cars from his collection as it is quite vast including many super cars.

Let us know what vehicles you'd like to see in the future in the weekly buff, Make sure to leave a comment, subscribe, and leave a like to help our channel grow. Thank you from the GLOSS IT TEAM.

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